Dance Classes & Workshops

My passion is to transmit !

After spending the past 15 years exploring and feeding from differents dance practice such as "Tribal Fusion Bellydance, ballet, jazz, contemporary, flamenco, hiphop, indian dance, yoga..."

I decided to teach class on what I learn about the body controle and motricity through femninity and sensuality. Generate sensuality and desire through body language.Create a character, go through it and explore all the secrets of seduction.

In my class I share a feminist way to express your body and focus on women energy as a strengh and seduction tool.

I am working with body pleasure to learn how to build confidence and self-love with movement.

Today I offer to share my experience with you and give dance classes in studio, in privat or online about the followings topics :

- Tribal Fusion Bellydance

- Burlesque or The art of exfoliating yourself.

- French Cabaret

- Endodanse

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Tribal Fusion - Bellydance

Belly dance is a sensual and mysterious dance that contains seductive and erotic elements.
Belly dance activates our sensual sensations. The circular hip movements connect us with our body and support us in recognizing and enjoying our unique beauty.

A harmonious combination of femininity, joie de vivre and personal expressiveness, which strengthens body awareness, the presence and charisma of person of all ages.

Learn how to move like a snake. Creat ondulation, make the vibration resonate in all the body and empower yourself through it.



The fine art of revealing yourself.
Build sensuality and desire through body expression.
Creat a character, live through it and explore all the secret of seduction.

In this workshop we will train to stripping Burlesque. Undressing is an art and every gesture counts. In this workshop we will learn to reveal ourselves, to interact with his costume. Give then resume, charm his audience and seduce with his body.


In this Workshop, we learn :


  • How to flirt using eye contact, body language and face expression.

  •  Discovering parts of your body that you love and learning how to show them off in the best way possible.

  •  Floorwork

  • Musicality

  • Character exploration

  • How to pose and look confident in photographs

  • Advantaging your curves



  • Using a chair

  • How to look confident while walking in high heel shoes

  • How to strip out of a pair of stockings

And much more !

French Cabaret

What we learn there is first of all an attitude !!
French Cabaret is a unique dance class, in tune with the times, super sexy where we work on dance technique and femininity attitude. You will approach the body with class and elegance.

Through the history of French Cabaret, Adèle will teach you how to generate the focus, creat a persona with lot of little games she likes to bring in the class. She want to transmit you how to take possession of all the looks or an audience and creat this little « je ne sais quoi » which will make you feel different.
The pedagogy is access on how to use the body, put yourself in value and take advantage of all your curves.

This class is the temple of femininity, choreos and esthetics are inspired by the Music Hall and the biggest french cabarets like the Crazy Horse, Moulin Rouge, or the Lido.

Glamorous dance, sexy but especially class, the cabaret dance gathers several genres. Thus, one can as well practice it with accessories (like a chair) than without (as with the French cancan).
We explore the technique of dance to makes our moves suave and fluids.

Endo Danse

We are millions to have our period everymonth, millions to do not understand our cycle and to do not found remedies in the pharmacy for these bellyach that only concern women. What if this belly was not a burden anymore ?

Endodance is a unique workshop that focus on :
- reducing period's bellypain and endometriose ache with gentle exercices
- genereate well-being through movement
restore the link with our body and our cycle
- gain mobility and flexibility of the belly
- connect with our feminity